To stand your ground, white man
you must be threatened, you must
stand in the downpour of drones
or watch a soldier eye your baby,
you must be denied your humanity
because of your coloring, you must
know what it means to be stripped
of your calm, to be robbed of your
peace of mind, you must be in peril,
white man, do not be so hasty,
standing your ground is not
opening fire on a child under any
circumstance, be it racial or

poor privileged white man,
i’m sure the bass line of his
jungle music must’ve frightened you,
i understand, you were forced
to “stand your ground”, you had
no choice but to slay that dormant
delinquent, make sure he’s dead—

not with one bullet or two or five
but with nine. i’m sure cruel baby Jordy
was simply petrifying with his black skin
and jungle music, his blaring, booming
jungle music.

Stand your ground, white man,
know where you’re standing.

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